Saturday, December 12, 2009

AdSense for Feeds

In May 2005, Google announced a limited-participation beta version of AdSense for Feeds, a version of AdSense that runs on RSS and Atom feeds that have more than 100 active subscribers. According to the Official Google Blog, "advertisers have their ads placed in the most appropriate feed articles; publishers are paid for their original content; readers see relevant advertising—and in the long run, more quality feeds to choose from."

AdSense for Feeds works by inserting images into a feed. When the image is displayed by a RSS reader or Web browser, Google writes the advertising content into the image that it returns. The advertisement content is chosen based on the content of the feed surrounding the image. When the user clicks the image, he or she is redirected to the advertiser's website in the same way as regular AdSense advertisements.

AdSense for Feeds remained in its beta state until August 15, 2008, when it became available to all AdSense users.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Easy way to approve adsense account

Approve your adsense account in easy steps

Many people want to know if they can use and approve thier Adsense application without website or blog at blogspot and wordpress.Yes,it is possible.The easy way is to sign up for new gmail account if you have no gmail account.Sign up for using the gmail account which you created earlier.
During sing up process for you will be asked:
Do you already have Adsense account?
Select: No
Now option to signup for Google Adsense will appear with the same gmail account through which you signed up flixya.After clicking on signup button for Google Adsense you will receive emails in gmail account from both flixya and Google Adsense.Flixya will ask you to continue signup and Adsense will ask you to complete signup process by clicking on the link given in the mail.After completing sign up form with accurate information Google Adsense will ask you to wait for 1-2 days for reviewing your application.Within 1-2 days you will get mail from Google Adsense about approval or disapproval of your Adsense account.
This is not a joke.I have tested it myself and my Google Adsense account was approved within one day after applying for Google Adsense.You can rely on this because flixya is powered by Google.
After getting your publisher id you can easily make account at posting substantial original content and good traffic on your blog you can add your Adsense ad units on your blog.
You can also use flixya to earn money because they pay you 100% of your revenue you get through page impressions and clicks .
I hope that above information will be useful for everyone especially those who are having problems in approving Google Adsense account.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The One Simple Trick That Can Double Your Adsense Revenue

I've been working with Google's Adsense program for a while now. If you're not already in the program, why not take a look at it now at I really like Adsense. It makes me money and it's easy to work with. Just some simple copy & paste into your webpage and you're done. Right?
Wrong! You can do it that way if you want. Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and get a lot of clicks. But if you're really serious about making a lot of money with the program, you're going to have to tweak it a little.

I've invested quite a bit of time experimenting with the program. When I first signed up, I got some clicks and made a tiny bit of money. That wasn't good enough. I knew there must be a way to get more of my visitors to click on the ads.

Google has a strict policy about not pointing to the ads in any way or asking people to click on them, so there were two things I couldn't do. What else was there?
Then I remembered reading an article once that discussed the psychological impact of colors on the human mind. I started researching everything I could find on the subject.
After a lot of reading, many tests and periods of watching my clicks go up and down, I found the one color combination that seemed to work the best.

Testing previously done at supermarkets had revealed that the same product could pull more sales from just changing the colors of the label. What were these colors? Red and yellow! The combination of these two colors has an immediate impact on the person who sees them. They make your eyes stop and focus. They pull your eyes right to that part of the page. They grab your attention! I'm not sure exactly why the combination of red and yellow does this, but it does. On one of my sites, I changed my Adsense ads to a bright red border and a yellow background with black text and URL.

My click through rate more than doubled with just that one simple change. That's what worked on my site. Your site's color scheme may work better with a slightly different color combination. Try lots of different color variations. Make a change in the morning and let it ride for the whole day. The next morning, try a different set of colors. Change the border, background, text. Change everything you can. Most importantly, keep detailed records of the color scheme you used, click ratio and revenue generated.
After you've done all the experimenting you want to, go back to the most profitable one and let it run for a week or so and see how it does. I'm always trying different colors even after my run of good clicks with red and yellow. There are a lot of color combinations to choose from. You never know when you'll find just the right one.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why use Google Adsense ?

Whether you should join the Google adsense program or not - is entirely up to you. However, if you have some free ad space on your website(s), you should certainly consider joining Google adsense.

Here are a few reasons for you to consider about adsense:

No need to change outdated ads on your website - everything is handled by Google's adbot googlebot.
Google adsense serves non intrusive ads, compared to popins, popouts, floating ads etc.
Display well written content related advertising, that will match your site subject.
Save time finding advertisers for your ad space.
One simple code to paste on your pages, no programming skills needed.
You can change the colours of the adsense ads displayed, so that they fit your current site layout.
Google adsense serves the best ads for your pages from over 150.000 AdWords advertisers.
Google adsense is easy to join, most websites with original content gets accepted.
And then there's the money part (what advertising actually is all about, for you, Google and the AdWords users). Google's Adsense Terms forbids its users to disclose actual earnings examples.

However, a few general guidelines you can use to understand the earning potential of Google Adsense:

Your daily adsense earnings are determined by 4 things:

1 .The number of clicks by your users on the Adsense ads.

This is a factor that you can't and actually are not allowed to influence on! Google's Adsense terms directly forbids you to encourage your users click your ads. This means you cant write "please support us, click the ads" or "find more information by clicking the ads" etc. Be warned, using any of these methods or similar (there are many variations), will get you banned from the adsense program, and all your earnings will be lost! Play fair !

So what can you do to get more Google Adsense clicks legally ?

There are actually many ways to legally encourage a higher click thru rate, have a look at Adsense tips and tricks.

2. The number of page views you serve (how many pages your website visitors view).

This is the factor that you can have the greatest influence on. The more page views (visitors) to your website, the higher is the chance that you will get clicks on your adsense ads. However, before you rush out and generate thousands of hits to your website, please consider the fact that quality visitors will generate higher revenue for you than "Bulk" visitors. Quality visitors are people who have a genuine interest in the subject your website is about, and are therefore more likely to be interested in the Google Adsense ads served on your website pages.


Let's say that your website is about Siamese cats, and you get a lot of general non targeted visitors (bulk) - how many will click on an ad about breeding Siamese Cats?
Now, on the other hand if you try to get quality visitors that are passionate about Siamese Cats, your chances are much higher that some of your visitors want to read about breeding Siamese Cats.

So to sum this up, always design your website, and write your content to a targetted audience.

Tip. Read the page about optimizing Adsense before you start to changing your pages!

3. Your CTR (Click Thru Rate) = page views divided by clicks in percentage.

Your CTR is simply a measurement for how well you are doing as an Adsense Publisher. What this means is that, if you have a high CTR on your pages, you are likely to be serving well written content, that are targeted to your audience. It appears that Google is favouring Adsense publishers with a high CTR, and therefore paying a higher percentage to these publishers.

4. The amount paid by a AdWords advertiser, for the keyword a Adsense add is about.

It is important to understand how the Google Adsense and Google AdWords programs interact. Google AdWords is a program for the advertisers, meaning that they pay Google a certain amount for each click thru on their ads on a given keyword. Google Adsense is the program for webmasters (publishers), that pays publishers for clicks on content relevant ads.


John creates an Google AdWords ad about used BMW car parts, and want the ad to appear on pages that are relevant to BMW car parts.

Brian runs a community page for BMW fans, and have a section on his site about buying and selling BMW car parts.

One of Brian's visitors clicks on John's Ad, and John is charged x $ for this click. Brian on the other hand is awarded with x $ by Google for serving the ad, and the resulting click.

So what does that mean for you as a Adsense Publisher ?

Unfortunately Google doesn't reveal what a click is worth, so you can only do a bit of qualified guessing using these Adsense Tools.

Some clicks range from $0,00 and are seen to go over $50 !

To continue a bit on our earlier discussion about writing content relevant web pages, you should place serious consideration on the keywords that you want to target with your pages.

Lets take our example on John and Brian again.

For the sake of argument, lets say that John is willing to pay $10 for each click on his ads.

Then let us bring Greg into play as well, he is also creating an add about selling BMW car parts, however not used ones but new. Greg is willing to pay $0,10 for each click on his ads.

Brian's pages was targeted towards selling BMW car parts. So this means that there's is a good chance that both John's and Greg's ads will appear at Brian's Adsense ads. This means that Brian is serving Adsense ads that are paying a percentage of both $0,10 and $10.

Now, what if Brian changed his pages to target buying and selling USED car parts ?

Since Google Adsense constantly try's to serve the most content relevant ads, it is very likely that Brian will begin serving John's $10 AdWords ad, that he will earn a percentage of. Brian's pages are still about the same subject, and with the same content - just targeted against a higher paying niche keyword.

Ask yourself, would you rather earn a percentage of 10 clicks on Greg's ad or a percentage of 10 clicks on John's ad??

To sum it all up, your Google Adsense earnings will be determined by a combination of the 4 mentioned factors above.

If you are looking for a nice extra advertising income, Google adsense can in many cases be the answer.

Independent statements made by users on the internet shows that some advertisers are earning from less than 1 dollar a day and to way above several hundred dollars a day with the Adsense program.

We cant and wont make any promises to what your Google adsense income will be, but we can promise you that if you read through the sections of this website, you will have the best foundation for succeeding with Google's Adsense program.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

$100 a day Adsense Plan

$100 a day Adsense Plan
Adsense is the first step for Internet newbie when they are start learning to make money online. Adsense is one of the easiest way to generate a decent amount of money at start. There are people who are earning thousands per day with just adsense. But they have spent time and got very good experience and tricks in this time to earn this amount each day. Here is a basic starter plan for you to earn $100 per day with adsense by using mini adsense content rich sites. Target is to take each site $5 per day income.

Choose some keywords and domains

First step is to get some of the best paying keywords and the ones you can write on. Just google for best AdSense paying keywords to get a list or alternatively you can go to Google’s keyword tool. Write any keyword e.g finance, computer, technology, web design, php, adsense, internet marketing, affiliate marketing or anything of your choice. Just make sure you are going to that topic for your first website to which you can write some interesting words.
Google Keyword tool will give you a list of top competitions on your keyword query. You can display/hide columns to view highest bid on every keyword and estimated number of search traffic. Pick a few from top of the list and start search for domains related to these keywords. Domain does not need to be related but if your keyword is also in your domain, it will be helpful in term of SEO.
Register your first few domains.

Get some web hosting account

You can try hostgator web hosting plan or any other which supports multiple domain hosting at same account. You can try coupons to reduce the initial cost for your hosting plans.

Setup a Website or Web blog

Now setup your first website. If you are going for a weblog then best idea is to upload and install wordpress. Wordpress is best in means of SEO. Write few articles (7 to 10 articles) on website.

Start SEO for your website

Submit your website in search engines like google, yahoo and msn. Use the link of your website in signature of any of web forum if you use. Forums are fastest and free way to get backlinks to your website. More posts on a forum site you have, more backlinks you can get. Then submit your website in social news, networking sites like digg, del.icious, reddit, blinklist. And submit your website to a couple of free web directories. Keep a record of everything you are doing. In two or three days your website will be indexed in google and you’ll be start getting traffic from google. Now build as many links as you can but don’t spam too much.

Signup for Adsense (Or use if you already signed up)

Signup for adsense and wait for their approval. Once you got your account, create and place ads in your website. Use Ads blending and Adsense placement methods to embed the ads properly to generate more clicks by your visitors.

Final Step

Do as much SEO as you can. Build links, get more RSS subscribers, publish your site to social networking sites. Sooner you’ll be get your target for $5 per day

Multiply your income

Now repeat the above steps for another 20 websites. It’ll took some time but you can easily achieve $100 per day target with mini adsense sites. Just make sure you follow this rule

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Double your adsense earnings showing fewer ads

Double your adsense earnings showing fewer ads

YES it is actually possible to dramatically increase your revenue from Adsense simply by reducing the number of ad units you show in every page. In fact, most AdSense publishers think (and the AdSense team also tells them) that showing more ads will increase their adsense monthly income. This is unfortunately hardly ever true!

Before you read on, we strongly recommend that you carefully read our article about the adsense pricing model since the strategy we will be discussing is mainly based on taking advantage of the adsense pricing model.

As you probably know, there are three main ways to increase adsense income on a website:

• more traffic

• higher CTR

• higher CPC

The strategy we are to reveal aims at getting a consistently higher CPC.

Double adsense earnings showing fewer ads: A case study

Let's consider the following case: you run a website with some traffic and three ad units (Top banner, Right Hand Skyscraper and a half banner at the bottom) and you make $ 130 a month.

Let's see how you could double your income by showing fewer ad units. Here are some details about your website:

• Traffic: 9.000 visits and 25.000 pages viewed in average every month.

• AdSense Stats:

Ad unit


CPC ($)

Revenue ($)

Top banner








Half banner




Unless you have understood the adsense pricing model, you may be wondering why CPC is so different from one ad unit to another. Anyway, this is normal since the ad that gets the higher paying ads is the one that first appears on the HTML code (the Top banner) and is followed by the second one (Skyscraper) then comes the third (Half banner).

Let's now cut down the number of our ad units keeping only the Bottom Half banner. This means the half banner shows first on the HTML and so gets the two best paying ads. Since it is the first ad unit, it should have the same CPC the top banner used to have. Moreover, a banner shows 4 ads where a half banner shows only 2. This will result in a considerably higher average CPC for the half banner (due to more competition). CTR will at least stay at 4% since we kept the same placement, same colours. but could also increase to something like 5% because your advertising will be less intrusive.

Let's now see how much money you will be making with no change in your traffic stats:





















As you can read on the chart you could easily make $ 230 in the most pessimistic scenario while an optimistic scenario could yield more than $ 300!!! with no change to your traffic and a better reader experience.

Can I use it on my website?

Yes most adsense publishers can use it. However, there are some preliminary conditions to getting the most out of it:

• If you are in a low paying market (like arcad and games related websites) where CPC is around 5 cents no matter how high your ad is in the HTML code, don't use this strategy as it won't do much for you. On the opposite, if you are in a high paying niche this strategy could work great for you.

• You also need an ad unit with high CTR, compared to the other units on the same page, while having a lower CPC. The bigger the differences are, the more you could increase your revenue.

If you can fulfil the two above conditions, then hurry up and remove those ads that keep you from making real money.

Want more money?

OK! Now that you have reduced the advertising pressure on your visitors, you can choose to sit down and watch increased loyalty from your readers, more links... (long term results) or choose to get even more money now (short term) by adding ads to the space you have saved.

As you know, link units and referral products are perfect for that since they do not compete with ad units (so you can add them with no risk to the above strategy).

Of course you can use other advertising programs instead of adsense but we won't discuss that as this is a "make money with adsense" website!!

adwords / adsense pricing explained

adwords / adsense pricing explained?

Understanding how Google determines the value of a click through AdWords / AdSense is a key issue because the pricing model is complex while being crucial for your business ROI. We'll first expose the general process and then get look at realistic case study.

adsense / adwords pricing process

Identifying keywords

The first thing the AdSense bot does is to set a list of keywords that seem relevant to your page's content (contextual targetting). This is done through a complex algorithm nobody really knows except Google !

listing Competing Advertisers

For each keyword, a list of competing advertisers is established. Doing so for all the keywords results in an extended list of advertisers competing to show there ads on your page.

Pricing every ad

Then based on the maximum amount of money (max bid) every advertiser is ready to pay, an ordered list is established from the highest bid to the lowest one. Then the Vickrey pricing model is applied as shown in the following example :

a pricing case study

In our page, let's say that the AdSense bot has detected the 4 following keywords as relevant :

  • Advertising
  • Cost per Click
  • AdSense
  • Pay out

Then for each keyword, AdSense lists interested advertisers as follow :

Advertising Pordgast inc 2,25
John immo 0,25
Cost per click 6,50
Ultimate aBooks inc 1,02 2,52
Ariel Blown 0,75
AdSense Google inc 4,00
James LeGrand 2,00 1,50 0,50
Pay Out Google inc 2,00
neevie ltd 1,85

The next step is to list those advertisers from the highest bidder to the lowest one. This gives the following list :

MAX BID ($) 6,50
Google inc 4,00 2,52
Pordgast inc 2,25
James LeGrand 2,00
Google inc 2,00
neevie ltd 1,85 1,50
Ultimate aBooks inc 1,02
Ariel Blown 0,75 0,50
John immo 0,25

Unfortunately for some advertisers, all ads won't be shown as ad space on the page is limited to a single large rectangle ad unit which can hold no more than 4 ads. This means only the first four will be displayed.

But how much will every advertiser be charged for a click ? The answer is : 1 cent more than the advertiser following him. The next chart gives the CPC for every advertiser :

1 6,50 4,01
Google inc 4,00 2,53
3 2,52 2,26
Pordgast inc 2,25 2,01
James LeGrand 2,00

As you can see, the most agressive advertiser "" won't pay $ 6.50 but just 1 cent more than "Google inc" max bid to deserve his first position ! The process goes on until we reach the last advertiser (James LeGrand) who is only useful to determine what the fourth one (Pordgast inc) will pay.

AdSense Pay Out

Now that we know how much every advertiser will be charged for a click, how much of the money will an AdSense publisher get ? This is called "pay out".

Pay out ratio can never be close to 100% because Google has costs to run its AdWords / AdSense programs and needs to make some profit! Today, nobody really knows for certain what the ratio is for AdSense, however we assume it is between 50 % and 60 % !

So if someone clicks on the second ad, you will earn something close to $ 1.30

Lately, Google introduced CTR as a new criterion to define an advertiser's position in the list. Now the AdWords / AdSense algorithm uses CTR * Max Bid to order publishers using the same general logic as shown in this example.



Now that you have got your Google AdSense account and that you have learned to create and customize ads, let's see how you can start showing them on your website / blog.

he adsense code is a javascript code you copy and paste into your pages. Javascript is easier to implement than PHP code or any server side code because any page, be it dynamic or static (in plain HTML), can execute it on the client's browser.

Once you have logged into your account and created your ads, the last step of the creation process automatically generates the javascript code for you. When you click the frame displaying the code, it is automatically selected and you can copy it.

Insertion the code

Now that you have the code, the next step is to open you webeditor or log into your blog / CMS... administration interface to insert the javascript code in the page's code. Please be very carefull not to paste it in your editor because it will be interpreted as plain text and won't execute on browsers.

This means you need to access the HTML code of your page. To do so using a popular webeditor like Dreamweaver, you just open the page you want and click the "Code" button to see the HTML code. Scroll to the desired line and paste your code there. To make sur your implementation is good, the code entred will be invisble when you get back to the WYSIWYG editor.

How do I create and customize my ads ?

How do I create and customize my ads ?

To start creating an AdSense ad unit, you need to be logged into your AdSense account. If you do not already have an AdSense account, you can apply from this page.

Once you are logged in, click on the "AdSense setup" tab and choose a product as shown below:


You will probably want to start by AdSense for content. On the next screen you will be asked to choose between ad units and link units. We will use the default options. (for more details on how to choose suitable AdSense products, please reffer to our advertising strategy guide).

On the next screen you will be able to customize your ads, by choosing the ad format and the colors as shown below:


When you are done, click the "continue" button and you will be able to get your Javascript code. This code has to be insered (copy and paste) in every page's HTML you want AdSense ads to be displayed on.

The adSense basic formula

Making little money from AdSense is easy : Set up the ads and leave them. Making REAL money is much harder. This article helps you understand the Adsense revenue generation mecanism (Business Model) so you can take advantage of every parameter in it successfully.

AdSense revenue is based on a very simple formula you aught to know by heart :

Revenue = Traffic x click Through Rate x Average Revenue per click

This is also called The AdSense Business Model.


This is the result of the formula, the amount of money that goes into you pocket.


In this context, traffic is the number of times a google ad is displayed on your website for the considered period of time. If your pages are seen 10.000 times during a month, your traffic is then 10.000 provided you place adsense ads on all your pages. To get 10.000 page impressions a month you can, for example, have 5.000 visitors viewing an average 2 pages per visitor or 8.000 visitors viewing 1,25 pages per visitor...

Please note that google can also show "public service" ads that are not taken into account which will reduce you traffic.

click through rate (CTR)

CTR is how many clicks you get out of 1 (one) page impression. It is generally close to 1% or 2%. A CTR of 3% means that a traffic of 10.000 resulted in 300 clicks.
CTR indicates how well the ads are doing, of course the higher the better but do not dream of a 30% CTR!

Average Revenue per click

As the phrase indicates, this is the amount of money Google pays you (in average) for every click. It can be 5 cents, 20 cents or many dollars.
The process that determines the revenue per click is complexe and will be discussed in other articles.

AdSense application guidelines

Access to the adsense program is subject to acceptance by the adsense team. Do not worry however, they are not the hardest to convince! Just follow these simple guidelines and you will soon be a membre of the adsense publishers community.
  1. If you have more than one website or blog, apply using the "best" one. Once you get accepted for one website you can use adsense on all your other sites and blogs!
  2. Do not apply with unfinished websites (containing pages "in construction", "coming soon"...), although you might be accepted in the program it is useless taking risks as an unfinished website will never get you any money so wait for it to be finished.
  3. Adsense is based on content (text), so keep in mind that a minimum text is required in all your pages (avoid excessive flash and images).
  4. For a website to be accepted it is commonly accepted that a minimum of 20 pages is often enough. For a blog, we think that a 2 months old blog has serious chances provided you post frequently.
  5. Certain contents are prohibited. If you are running a website with pornographic content, do not try to apply for an adsense account. Here is a complete list of what Google does not accept :
    • Excessive profanity
    • Violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organsation
    • Hacking/cracking content
    • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia
    • Pornography, adult, or mature content
    • Gambling or casino-related content
    • Excessive advertising
    • Any other content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others
    • Pop-ups, pop-unders or exit windows that interfere with site navigation
    • Excessive, repetitive, or irrelevant keywords in the content or code of web pages
    • Deceptive or manipulative content or construction to improve your site's search engine ranking, e.g., your site's PageRank
    • Incentives (monetary or point-based) to users or third-party beneficiaries for online activity including, but not limited to, clicking on ads or links, performing searches, surfing websites, reading emails, or completing surveys
    • Sales or promotion of certain weapons, such as firearms, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives, and brass knuckles
    • Sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol, tobacco or tobacco-related products, prescription drugs, products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods
  6. The program is only accessible to men and women older than 18 years. So if you are younger, you can either wait for some months and keep building your site's content and popularity or use someone else's identity keeping in mind that you could run into truble if your business does particularly well.
  7. Is your website usable ? Does it have a functionning menu, well layed out pages, interesting content... you wouldn't expect advertisers to put their ads on websites you wouldn't trust yourself!

AdSense application

Applying for an AdSense publisher account isn't hard. Just go to

You will see the following page and you will need to click on the "Sign up now " button as shown bellow.

Next, fill in the form you will be shown and click the "Submit information" button at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that some of the information you will provide here won't be editable so be carreful not to make the slightest mistake (read and read your application form again before submitting).

Here are two things you should pay attention to when applying for your adsense publisher account:

- Contact information is crucial because all your payments will be blocked untill you enter a secret code you will be mailled to the address you provide. Wrong address means NO payment ! In this section, payee name (generally your name) and country won't be editable.

- Product selection : check both options (I don't know why they give this choice)

The next page confirms the information you entered and asks if you already have a Google account. If you use another Google service like Blogger, Adwords... then check the first option. If not, check the second one and go on by creating a new Google account.

Google will then confirm that your application has been successful.

Wait for 1 or 2 days and you will receive the follow up message in your mailbox. If you are accepted, you will be able to log in to your AdSense account and start showing ads on your website / blog.

If Your Site Is Rejected by Google...

If Your Site Is Rejected by Google...

If you receive that email from Google stating that your site has not been accepted, the first thing you should remember is that as an AdSense member, you become a partner and are representing Google, Inc.

They have to make sure the websites that display these ads are up to par or they could run the risk of losing advertisers. Imagine if you were paying Google to display your ad and you found it showing up on a poorly developed, junky website.

Of course, if your site is rejected, it doesn't mean it is poorly developed. There may be other reasons:

How to Join AdSense?

How to Join AdSense

In late 2008, Google tightened up their acceptance policies. According to an email I received from someone who was trying to join the program, you now must meet the following criteria before you are accepted...

- Your website must be your own top-level domain ( and not That means you can't just sign up with a free blogger or free web hosting account and get approved for AdSense.

- Your domain name must have been registered and active for at least 6 months before you apply

- The registration information that you provide during the AdSense registration must match your domain name registration information

- Your website must contain a substantial amount of original content

Once you meet the above criteria, go to to apply.

When you are accepted, simply copy and paste the provided HTML code into any page that you'd like to show the ads. If you've done a good job of defining the content on your web pages, the ads that show should be relevant to the content of your page...increasing the chances of click-thrus by your visitors.

You can either display the ads vertically along side the page like Google does or in a banner-like formation horizontally across your pages. The placement is up to you. You can even customize the colors to match your site's theme.

Use Site Build It! - A Web Host Made for AdSense

Use Site Build It! - A Web Host Made for AdSense

This is a revolutionary web host like no other. I use it for my site,, and after only 11 months the site was earning over $700 per month for AdSense alone.

Two years after launch, the total monthly earnings shot up to $2,000 to $2,500.

Today, the site continues to earn money from AdSense yet I have no products to sell. I'm simply offering information on a topic I know a lot about and SBI showed me how to rank high in the search engines for various keyword phrases. Over 90% of traffic comes from the free search engines.

The reason SBI is different from the other do-it-yourself hosts is that first it provides all the web page building and marketing help all in one place. Your domain registration, web hosting and marketing help come with the price.

The Do It Yourself Method

The Do It Yourself Method

I've actually used both methods for building my site and there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

If you use the DIY method, you will have to go and register a domain name ( and then sign up for a web host and build your pages. You can either learn HTML or buy some kind of web editor like Microsoft FrontPage to build your pages. That's the method I used to build this site.

Averaging between $7 and $15 per month, the DIY method is usually the most cost friendly of the two but you are mostly on your own in terms of learning how to create your web pages and adding the AdSense code to your site.

Web hosts are generally there to house your site. They don't specialize in helping you market and optimize your site for the search engines to help you get traffic. So don't expect a lot from them in terms of helping you market your site.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. I had to learn how to build this site on my own and it wasn't very difficult.

I now manage all of my sites with Dreamweaver.

Creating Your Website for AdSense

Creating Your Website for AdSense

Before you even begin your site, make sure you've come up with a topic that you feel you know plenty about. That way it will be easiest to write a lot of content.

The more content you have, the better chance you have getting accepted into the program. Also, the more content, the greater the earning potential. AdSense is nothing but a numbers game. If you want to make a lot of money, prepare to write a lot of content.

Now let's talk about building your website. There are two ways you can approach this:

1) Do it Yourself (DIY) from scratch

2) Use Site Build It! (SBI!)

Why I Believe AdSense Works So Well

Why I Believe AdSense Works So Well

For years, website owners have tried to make money from their sites by putting up banner ads in hopes of visitors clicking them. The problem with banner ads is that the Internet audience is so immune to them, people do not click on them anymore.

When's the last time you clicked a banner ad?


Second, in order for the web site owner to earn money from that banner ad, usually the web surfer that clicks has to purchase something. With AdSense, your visitors just have to click the ads. They don't have to purchase a single thing.

Third, most people that use banner ads do not do a good job of matching the ads to the website's content so the click thru percentages are dismal.

With Google's AdSense, not only are you displaying text ads, (which tend to receive a much higher click-thru rate than banner ads), but you are displaying contextual ads that match your website's content....thanks to Google's advanced technology.

Lots of times people think the ads are part of your site's content so they click because the information is relevant to your site. Whereas with banner ads, they often have little relevance and people tend to ignore them no matter how much they flash and fly across the page.

"How Much Can I Earn With AdSense?"

"How Much Can I Earn With AdSense?"

Google does not disclose exactly how much you'll earn per ad that is clicked.

The commission you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying Google for the particular ad. You will earn a share of that amount. I've heard of earnings anywhere from 2 cents to $15 per click.

So it is logical to believe that keyword phrases like debt free, employment, make money, mp3, sex, etc. will earn you more per click since these are highly competitive keywords that are searched for quite a bit on the web.

Advertisers generally pay more for popular terms because they are searched for more.

Even though Google will not reveal how much you are earning for each ad that is clicked from your site, you can still login to your account at any time and see the total amount of revenue you've generated that day, week, month, year, etc.

For example, if you see that you've made $12.60 today from 9 clicks then you can calculate that your average click-thru commission was $1.40 per click. That's as detailed as their stats will get. Also remember, that's only an average. You won't know how much each specific ad brought in.

The amount you'll earn also depends largely on the amount of targeted traffic you receive to your own site, how well the ads match your audience's interests, the placement of the ads on your pages, and of course the amount you receive per click.

Ideally, you should create a site on a topic you know a lot about. That way you'll have a much easier time creating a generous amount of content on that subject.

My Personal AdSense Story

My Personal AdSense Story

I have been receiving monthly checks from Google since 2003, and I've read numerous success stories of websites earning 5 digit incomes per month with AdSense.

Now, I will admit, a 5-digit commission in a single month is probably not the norm for most participants.

I promote AdSense on three of my websites and my checks have been as high as $4,800.

The more information you have, the greater chance you have of attracting free search engine traffic. That's why it's so very important you choose a topic you have an interest in so you can keep building and building.

My checks weren't always that large. I think my first month's earnings in 2003 totaled less than $20. However, I kept getting more and more search engine traffic by adding more content and the checks slowly began to increase. I had no idea it would grow to anything like this.

What is AdSense?

What is AdSense? earns most of its revenue by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. All this is managed through a program they call AdWords.

Now you can earn a share of the revenue that Google earns from AdWords by displaying these same text ads on your site. In other words, you're helping Google advertise and they pay you a percentage of what they earn.

This program is called AdSense.

Every website owner should at least consider the program. Even if your site is just for information purposes, you can still participate and make decent money with AdSense -- or at least enough to fund your website.

So if you are one of those people that doesn't like the idea of paying for a site, this is an excellent way to earn your money back and then some.

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