Friday, December 4, 2009

Easy way to approve adsense account

Approve your adsense account in easy steps

Many people want to know if they can use and approve thier Adsense application without website or blog at blogspot and wordpress.Yes,it is possible.The easy way is to sign up for new gmail account if you have no gmail account.Sign up for using the gmail account which you created earlier.
During sing up process for you will be asked:
Do you already have Adsense account?
Select: No
Now option to signup for Google Adsense will appear with the same gmail account through which you signed up flixya.After clicking on signup button for Google Adsense you will receive emails in gmail account from both flixya and Google Adsense.Flixya will ask you to continue signup and Adsense will ask you to complete signup process by clicking on the link given in the mail.After completing sign up form with accurate information Google Adsense will ask you to wait for 1-2 days for reviewing your application.Within 1-2 days you will get mail from Google Adsense about approval or disapproval of your Adsense account.
This is not a joke.I have tested it myself and my Google Adsense account was approved within one day after applying for Google Adsense.You can rely on this because flixya is powered by Google.
After getting your publisher id you can easily make account at posting substantial original content and good traffic on your blog you can add your Adsense ad units on your blog.
You can also use flixya to earn money because they pay you 100% of your revenue you get through page impressions and clicks .
I hope that above information will be useful for everyone especially those who are having problems in approving Google Adsense account.


allan Gering said...

Yes,adsense account is easy to make money. For that try to use different browser.Try with different computer. Sometimes the IP address may be the cause.
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